Saturday, June 11, 2011

Project: Project

Lindsay and I have been so busy doing cool things.

Cool project Number One: Welcoming sign for the driveway at the Hill House for my wedding.


Cool Project Number Two: Sugaring. This is make-it-yourself wax. We found the instructions here, and gave it a go. 

You basically make homemade caramel, and let it cool until it forms an impenetrable blob of goo that acts the same as wax for removing hair.

 It worked really well for Linja, but not so well for me. I may try it again, but at this point, I'm still a wax or razor believer.

Cool Project Number Three: Operation: No More T-Shirts.
My hometown has a beautiful old theater, so I snagged two tickets to the Neil Simon play that's running now, so we had a great excuse to get dressed up and do something fun.

No one else was around, so the big mirror was our best shot for a picture of us.

I also spent this morning making myself a roll pouch for my new make-up brushes out of a place mat. I was skeptical, but I think it will work very nicely. I'll post the instructions next time.


  1. you girls are so domestic and creative! Keep having fun!

  2. If only we could get such a compliment form Joseph Maughon. They'd we'd be something!

    (I'm TOTALLY kidding.)

  3. I knew as soon as I posted my comment that it would not be taken the right way...humph!

    I think you should go throw mud clods and drive a big truck today so you can be unruly and boys.