Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Valley

Mountain silhouettes beckon.
Rush of wind, adrenaline,
crunch of snow,
blast of sunset;
a moment of isolated wonder,
even revelation.
Mountain is mystery,
rush of feeling;
it is not a life.

Come down.

Sweet peas and roses twine
up from valley soil.
Mallards rest in winter safety,
babes toddle and walk.
In steady seasons,
patient ebb and flow,
waiting, watching, tending;
ancient roots mother still.


It has been a hard season, dear Reader. A season of single parenting, of sleepless nights with littles, of loneliness. A season of many miles, physically and emotionally -- and I hope spiritually. I have been drained beyond my ability to bear, and sustained by God's grace beyond my ability to express.

A growing season.

I had the pleasure of a small visit with my beautiful friend and mentor Beth. She sat and snuggled my baby girl and I watched my wiggly boy. After a time, she smiled and said, "It sounds to me like you have a good life."

A good life.

Not to boast or claim that I am or have anything special -- but realizing that I have been given an overflowing cup by my loving King, my Jesus who delights to turn water to wine and give sweet daily bread.

You, too, Reader. Our God gives good gifts. He gave us Himself -- all else is bonus. Beauty upon beauty. The extraordinary and the ordinary.

I live in a valley, a lush place in the shadow between two lines of mountain. And it's very true, Reader: the valley is the more mundane, perhaps, but it is also a haven, a safe and rich place. Life happens here in a way it cannot on the windy slopes of adventure.

It is good to climb, but it is also good to come down, to rest in the daily joys of a simple life. Because He has given it and daily sustains it: a good life. Let us give thanks and live.