Sunday, June 19, 2011

Distracted by pretty things

Being busy with wedding plans means that I am so easily distracted, especially by beautiful things.
So, here are some pretty things that are somewhat wedding-related.

Sparkle an Interest Heel
Image: Modcloth

Super sparkly, super fun, super chic!

I might wear them for a night on the town with this dress.

Starry Night Dress

I love the clean lines of this dress, but the print is a different surprise: spangly stars.

And maybe some pretty jewelry...

 Sterling Silver 14kt Gold Heart Rings Stackable 3
Image: Etsy

I have a new obsession with stacking rings, and I love the ones with little hearts or gemstones on them. I don't want a whole stack, just one little ring by itself. Lovely! So subtle, so feminine!

And, I'm getting married, so I confess I'm looking at pretty undies. Anthropologie (no surprise) has some of the pretties sets I've ever seen.

Like this one! So soft and feminine, but so unique. Love the ruffles and the bow!

And I absolutely love the picture on the right from a Franschhoek wedding, which is, appropriately enough, from The Pretty Blog.

I usually don't like kissing pictures, but this one is so romantic.

What pretty things have you seen today?

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