Tuesday, January 25, 2011

wedding drama

The pictures taken for our save-the-date cards are adorable. We finally narrowed them down to two options, both of which were selected. Half and half.  Cute, yes?

The cards were designed, proofed, spelling corrected, and printed. I picked them up last week, spent the rest of the week addressing them (and hunting down addresses), then mailed them on Saturday. Hooray!

Except yesterday, I received numerous phone calls and emails informing me oh-so-gently and oh-so-horribly and oh-so-frustratingly that although the picture on the front of the cards happily says June 25, the text on the back of the card unashamedly says August 25. Reader, every single person in my house looked at these cards before I addressed them. So, between me, both my parents, and the workers at the printing place, absolutely no one noticed this.

A very very nice sales associate, when we presented the problem to him, had them reprinted for us, for free, in less than 24 hours. They are being re-addressed this evening and will hopefully arrive by the weekend. I'm sure half the recipients won't realize why they're getting a new one. Even though the front says June 25, it just seems courteous to send a corrected one.

My mother laughed that if this is the only thing that goes wrong in our wedding planning, we're getting off easy!

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