Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brief debrief

I can't tell you how I've been. Not yet, anyway. Maybe I will eventually. God has been furrowing deeply, molding firmly, digging His fingers in painfully.

A year ago this week, I found out I would have this poem published, in The Christendom Review. I thought, then, that I had suffered. And I had -- but not like I would. And I know my suffering now will be eclipsed by even greater later in my life, as God continues to sancitfy me. But it is, as Laura said, so much easier to pray for relief than for sanctification.


To lighten the mood: guess what?

One of my friends here in Blacksburg just opened an Etsy shop, and her work is adorable. She sews, but all of her creations are entirely upcycled, so they all have stories beyond their present life. My personal favorite are the vegetable placemats.

Upcycled Cloth Placemats with Vegetable Appliques
Image: Katherine Lile, via Etsy

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  1. Mils, that digging is painful. *hug* I love you. Just remember that He will always supply our needs. You are a great encouragement to me.