Monday, April 25, 2011

Warming Up

The ten thousand hours are newly begun, so here goes.

Bartimaeus or Me?

One denarius, one bite of bread,
one sip of water for the summer heat,
a cloak, a sandal, a fig, a touch--
have mercy.

Someone to wash my head, my feet, my hands,
to cleanse my stench, my sweat, my unseen filth,
to pause a moment from the hurry--
have mercy.

Describe the day for me: Jericho,
the donkey braying, a merchant's spices,
children's games, the temple offerings--
have mercy.

Please speak my name! Hear my pleading.
Let your robes brush my feet as you pass; when
you are safely home, remember me--
have mercy.


Who leads the coming crowd? I heard the name;
I know his fame if the stories are true.
Son of David! I too am a man--
have mercy!


  1. So lovely. I love all the accounts of Jesus healing the blind -

    my thesis was about the healing of spiritual blindness.

  2. You go, girl. I love you so much. SO much. Glad to be reading your poetry again, dear.