Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a Jonah day

My mom and I went on a quest this afternoon, involving ordering wedding programs and picking out flowers to plant in the corner of our flower garden. As we were finishing up at Wal-Mart, we called my dad to see about supper plans and if he wanted to meet us at our favorite restaurant. I watched my mother's face droop...

A water line in our basement had leaked almost two inches of water in our basement. It was up to the threshold of the door, completely soaking the carpet, furniture, everything. Our basement is a bit of a catch-all for storage, old cozy furniture, and my mom's scrap-booking stuff. All of my wedding gifts so far are stored down there, a wonderful antique cabinet Andrew's mom bought us for a wedding gift, my mom's photographs . . . I don't think anything is ruined, but it sure as heck is soaked.

We swept and swept water out, wrestled the carpet to hang it up outside, took my wet wedding gifts upstairs, took them out of their ruined cardboard boxes, and laid them out on towels upstairs to dry.

Supper just now, and we'll probably sleep down here in the basement, since the weather promises to be violent and tornadic tonight. Did I mention I'm terrified of storms?

I'm ready for the new earth.

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