Thursday, April 28, 2011


An anxious and sweaty night down in our basement, with the dog pacing back and forth between us and an incredible amount of lightning. But we are safe, we are dry, we are all in one piece, as is our house and our town. Thank You, Father!

This morning I got up, took a shower, and picked up this laptop with the intention of checking my email, and seeing if one particular friend had responded to a Facebook message I sent her yesterday. That should take all of five minutes, maximum.

Here I am, a good thirty minutes later. This is absolutely disgraceful. I haven't been doing anything harmful, just browsing blogs, browsing clothing sites like Modcloth, or the few wedding blogs I keep up with.

Reader, I am sick of it.

I want a real life, not an Internet life.

Get off your sofa, stop reading my blog, and go outside. Read a book. Have a real conversation.

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