Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Engagement pictures and puff pastry

I am currently whipping up three separate things in the kitchen, all for our women's Christmas party at church this evening. A chocolate chip cheese ball (to die for, I promise you), something with puff pastry (my mom's idea) and scones. I adore scones.

I also thought I would give you a peak at my engagement pictures! We took them down at Watson Mill, where we got engaged. Photo credit goes to my talented mother. (They're a little fuzzy on here because she took them on film and these are off the photo CD. Poop. They look awesome in print.)


  1. Gasp, Millie! These are perfect!

  2. Millie, these are precious pictures! Your mom did a great job :)

    And what is this about a chocolate cheese ball? I've made cheese balls before (and, of course, am well acquainted with chocolate!)but I haven't heard of a chocolate cheese ball before. Where did you learn to make them? What recipe do you use?