Saturday, October 9, 2010

a few quiet moments

I never did discover how to cut and eat my flower basket cake. Mom took it to school with her to share with the other teachers, but sold it to one of them before it ever saw the teacher's lounge! I was both pleased and flattered, and I hope Mrs. Crawford's granddaughter loves her birthday cake! Andrew suggested that I continue to make a cake a week to send with Mom to school so I can practice (and maybe get some business?). That would be nice. I was sent home from work with a bunch of overripe bananas yesterday to make some banana bread.

I'm catching a few moments of peace in between my two shifts at work today; it's a busy weekend in town, so I was asked to work a double shift. Good for my savings account, but kind of depressing on a sunny October Saturday. It's good to know, though, that weekends like this are huge supports for our community's economy. My family has selected our 3/50 businesses. You picked yours yet?

A lady came into the restaurant today wearing Chacos! It made me so happy that I told her so. No one in my town wears Chacos except my family, so hers made me smile.

Important count-downs in my life:

- three weeks until I see Andrew again
- six weeks until my Linja-and-Harry-Potter weekend
- a month and a half until I'm a published poet
- twelve minutes before I head back to work


  1. Hey, that's so great! I'm pretty sure that makes you a professional baker. :)

    And you're being published? Details, please!

  2. I love your blog. I love reading what you write. Yay.