Thursday, September 23, 2010

It must be a full moon tonight

My sweetheart of a boss commissioned me last night to make a birthday cake for her (to give to someone else.) Hooray! I'm somewhat of a professional baker now, right? What I have to go on: mint chocolate chip. And the lady is diabetic. Wednesday night, I found a diabetic-friendly recipe that sounded delicous (and Splenda-free), and plotted my cake. It's for only a few people, so I'm making a 9 by 13 sheet cake, and I'll cut it in half and make a small, squarish layer cake. Chocolate cake, mint chocolate chip buttercream icing. Splendid, right?

Not so splendid. The cake turned out magnificently. The icing ... well. Let's just say I started working on the icing around 5 this afternoon. It is now after 10, and tomorrow morning I have to go to the store (again) and then make three more batches. This will be my fourth and fifth batch. The cake sits uniced, waiting catastrophe to find another house to linger over. I'm going to bed. More later. There will be pictures, don't worry.

(and it really is a full moon tonight.)

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