Saturday, October 15, 2011


My dad's mother died before when my dad was a young twenty-something, before he was married. I've heard so many stories about Mildred, about the extraordinary godly woman she was, how she helped shape my family into one that served the Lord, how well she loved people.

You can see Mildred circled.

For a wedding gift, my grandfather gave me Mildred's cookbook. It's just an old Betty Crocker cookbook, but it was hers, and it has her handwriting in it. The most used recipe is obviously the waffles; the inside front cover is marked with "waffles, page 196", and she taped an entirely modified version over the original recipe over the page.

We've been eating waffles most lazy Saturday mornings like today.


  1. Millie. I really, really, really like this story. Well written. Personal. Intimate. And it has lazy Saturdays and waffles in it. And I love you. And I love reading what you write.

  2. Mmmmm. Old cookbooks are without a doubt the best. Also, I like knowing that a beautiful woman was named after another beautiful woman who came before. Happy breakfast, you two.