Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Splatter Paint

Pretend I have transformed the past few days into a blob of paint, and now I shall splatter it on here, just to share a few moments.

1. I had coffee and breakfast with my friend Andrea this morning; she asked me about my writing and I responded with some excuses why I'm not, or should be writing. To which she told me, in a very nice and firm way to get over myself and just write. Stop making excuses, just do it. Yup. I needed that.

2. You know what's delicious? Granny Smith apples with Nutella. (I thought this was an original idea, until I just found this nice picture on Google...)

Image via

3. One of my kindergarteners at school today informed me that he had to poop, so I give him permission to go to the bathroom. I assumed that was that, but then ... "I need you to come with me and help me wipe." Oh. Okay. He then apologized frankly for it being potentially "disgusting" (I informed him I have, in fact, seen poop before), and then took a full minute to talk himself through a system of how he would lock and then unlock his stall door to let me come help. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud; I don't think he was embarassed at all, and he's very precise in everything he does ("I'll tell you okay, and then I'll unlock the door, and then you come in."). For all the time I've spent around kids, I must admit this was a first.

4. Andrew and I joined Grace Covenant!

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  1. Woah goodness, what a story! Good thing you've become so comfortable around poop. Oh, Ridge Haven. Haha!