Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After work today, I dutifully went to the gym (Andrew was kind enough to buy procrastinating me a membership. Now I have to go, since it's his money. Perfect motivation.), where I lifted weights. And by "lifted weights," I mean "realized how badly my girly muscles need help." Part of my job includes scooping ice cream, which means that my dominant right arm is comically stronger than my left. My left arm proved itself a wimp when I did chest presses. A gym employee across the room was watching me, and I'm sure she was laughing.

I had grand plans of making chicken tetrazzini for dinner tonight, so Mom and I went to the grocery store. Our small town has two grocery stores: Bi-Lo and Ingles. We avoid our Bi-Lo as much as possible due to the poor management (we have named it "the Soviet Union Bi-Lo" after one particular day when there was simply no bread on the shelves), so we headed off to Ingles. Chicken, asparagus, pasta, apples, eggs, coffee creamer . . . and then the lights in the store went out. All of them. Darkness, and sudden silence. (Why do people whisper when the lights go out?) We assumed the lights would come back on when a generator kicked in momentarily, so we finished the little bit of shopping we had left, some of which involved using the light of my cell phone to read package labels. Up to the front we went, with our full buggy, to stand in line. Naturally, since the power was out, the cash registers were not working. After about ten minutes, people here and there began simply abandoning their buggies and leaving; then, the manager made an announcement: "They're working on the transformer, and it will be at least a couple of hours." A passing cashier informed us that "the transformer is smoking." Ouch! So we joined the mass exodus from the store, leaving our full buggy by the register (I felt guilty about this) and headed to Bi-Lo.

We left our shopping list at Ingles.
Oh well.
Hurried shopping at Bi-Lo, and made it home about 6:30.
Frenzied tetrazzini preparation, sauce whipping, and baking. Supper at 8.
Absolutely delicious! The recipe, from the amazing magazine Everyday Food, is available here. I very highly recommend it.

How to finish this day?
There are chocolate cupcakes in the oven!

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  1. you will bring me one of those delicious cupcakes, won't you?