Monday, October 1, 2012

Say Cheese!

Happy October! It's raining and chilly, so I am celebrating appropriately with sweatpants and a giant cup of coffee. I would be celebrating with a giant nap, but the man-cub may or may not allow that. He's dozing right now, and he keeps waking up and then fighting the sleepiness; it's adorable to watch his little eyes closing and him trying so hard to keep them open. But I think the sleep will lose this battle. He's much too interested in the world to nap.

Jude will be one month on Wednesday, October 3!Times flies when you don't sleep much...

He's started to chub up on his cheeks and thighs, and although he's much more interested in crawling than holding his head up when it's belly playtime, he loves to hold his head up when you hold him on your shoulder. He's becoming incredibly conversational, responding to us (and asking for attention) with a variety of coos and aahs and adorable baby noises.

And, best of all, we're getting smiles. Seeing him like this helps make the grumpy days (like today) much more bearable.