Saturday, July 21, 2012

Leaves are Turning

And now, everything changes.

Yesterday was my last day working at The Adventure Club Center, my last day with my little lovies. I didn't feel sentimental really, because it didn't feel like the end until I actually had to leave. And even then, though it was sad to tell them goodbye, I know that moving on now is right. It was humbling to receive sweet notes and a few gifts from some parents; I hope I have really been a blessing to them and their children. I certainly will miss seeing the kids and their parents -- but Blacksburg is a small enough town that I hope to see them around.

The sad irony is that I wasn't able to stay all day yesterday to tell all my parents goodbye. Andrew was supposed to meet me for a celebratory last-day-of-work lunch, but instead of his presence, I got a text from him that he was running a 102.7 fever. Oy! I ended up leaving work early to come home and take care of him. He was so miserable. He's sleeping now, and he didn't have a fever anymore as of an hour ago, so I'm hoping he's sleeping the sleep of recovery, not of further illness.

What now? All the leaves in my life are flipping over! (Terrible cliche. Sorry.)

When Andrew is well, we'll be heading down south to visit my parents and then his parents over the next or so. As much as we have been traveling this summer, we have not actually gone anywhere for the purposes of visiting and relaxing except one weekend. We've been to weddings galore, Andrew's taken his Boards... but we've always just been in and out with an agenda. This week, we get to go see family just to visit! Hallelujah! We have a stack of books, our swim gear, and a gallon of freshly picked blueberries to take. What else could we possible need?

Then, the month of August here, at home. Andrew won't be working yet, and so we'll have a month together to enjoy spending time together, to get our house in order, to set up the nursery, to go for walks and try new recipes before the man-cub arrives and everything changes again.

But now, the transition will be sweet . . .

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  1. I'm Really glad the two of you will have August for that break. Really glad.
    One month and some change, Millie! Holy cow, this is happening!