Friday, May 6, 2011

Um... 50 days!

Today marks 50 days until Andrew gives me his last name. (and only 15 days for Keith and Rachel!)

This process has been much more difficult that I anticipated -- not in the actual decision-making/invitation-addressing/centerpiece-making kind of way, but in the mental and emotional anticipation and stamina. I am prone to finding excuses in my situation for my reactions; I think, oh, this would be so much easier if Andrew weren't so far away. But really, my attitude is my resposibility, regardless of how easy or difficult my current state may be.

My worries are beginning to overwhelm my joy. Reader, this is not okay. I'm finding myself increasingly preoccupied with with worrying about the well-being of my guests, and the number of them. I mean, I'm throwing a huge party; I want my guests to have fun! But I'm worrying about it, stressing about it, wondering if they will enjoy themselves -- all of this worry is usurping my joy at the reason for this party: I am marrying my best friend.


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  1. Think of it this way, dear heart: your guests are coming to share your joy. They don't care if every detail is just so; they won't even know if it's not! All they care about is to see you and your beloved united in marriage, and they will have the loveliest possible time just because they get to be a part of that moment. I wish I could be there! Know that I wish the very best for you forever!

    Love, Beth